Car Donation Made Easy
Here you will find the resources available to help guide you to the best places to donate your used car or truck to the charity of your liking. No matter where you live in Canada or the United States, there are usually several decisions you will have to make before donating the vehicle such as is it worth getting rid of my vehicle, which car donation program should I use and which charity should I donate to. To make the best decision, try to educate your self and look at each individual car donation website as well as call them if you are unsure of something or just have questions that are not answered in their FAQs.

Why Should I Donate My Used Car?
You might be wondering what the benefits are of donating your old clunker to charity? Well there are some great benefits that come along with a car donation.

Donating your car can…

Make a huge impact on the environment – You will be cutting air pollution and reducing smog-forming emissions by recycling your car to charity. Older vehicles contain hazardous fluids and materials like mercury switches that need to be treated responsibly at the end of their life. When you donate your car to one of the charities we suggest, you can be sure that your car has been recycled in an environmentally safe manor.
Save you money – A newer car of a similar model will save you gas money. With the high cost per liter of gas these days, this can add up! You could save 20%-40% per year in fuel consumption costs by recycling your car! Donating your car is great for your wallet.
Jason Hope tells “You will experience that “warm and fuzzy” feeling– By donating your car, the proceeds will be helping a worthy charity in your community.” With any of the donation programs we suggest, you can choose where the proceeds of your car are donated such as a health promoting charity like the Breast Cancer Foundation or the Diabetes Association, a charity that works towards protecting the environment such as Green Communities or charities which inspire communities. Whichever charity you select, you can be sure that your money will go to a good cause.
Get a car donation tax deduction – Upon donation of your used car, you will receive a receipt for tax write-off which will benefit you at tax time. The charitable tax receipt amount will depend on the age and quality of the participating vehicle. Please check out the details of each specific car donation program to make the best decision for your situation.